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An attractive and functional website is important for small business success, but what if no one can find it? Enter SEO – Search Engine Optimization. SEO is strategically applying keywords to your website in the content, images, and backend code. Without SEO, when Google’s spiders crawl your site they may find a big ol’ mess. 

Google needs to know what is on your website in order to determine how helpful and important your website is for certain topics. The better the keywords and the SEO, the more people will find your website. Good SEO will even change how your website links look on search results pages.

In addition to Google, other search engines (Bing, Yahoo, etc.) and online marketplaces (Amazon, Etsy, etc.) have their own SEO rules. It can be very confusing to know how to plan good SEO strategy and implement it on your website and across the internet.



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I love to do SEO. It’s the perfect combination of analytical data and creativity in my book. I have nearly ten years of experience in SEO, including when I worked for a multi-million dollar ecommerce business as an SEO Specialist.

Tell me what words you want to be found for when people type them into Google. I’ll get you on the road to more website traffic in no time.