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Website design is crucial to the success of any business or personal project. Without a well-designed website, customers and clients won’t be able to find you on Google or behave how you want them to once they find your website. 

Having a solid digital marketing strategy is great, but if you get traffic to your website and your audience doesn’t like what they see, those advertising dollars and efforts will be wasted. 

I have been designing websites since 2006. I started with a blog on WordPress to showcase my garden online. Through the years I have honed my website building skills as a small business owner, a SEO marketer for a multi-million dollar ecommerce company, and as a marketing consultant. For the past seven years I have been consulting on website design for hundreds of clients through America’s Small Business Development Center program.

Bangkok. Thailand. March 2,2020:A man is typing on Google search engine from a laptop and phone. Google is the biggest Internet search engine in the world.

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Mobile responsive and search engine optimized

The websites I design are all mobile-responsive, meaning they look great on any device from a desktop computer to a tiny mobile phone. With the majority of internet users moving to mobile devices for browsing, this is crucial for engaging your audiences. 

I also provide search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is the process of optimizing your website for the keywords you want your customers to find you with while searching Google. SEO gives your business a leg up on the competition by making sure your customers can find you ranking in the top search results on Google.